Allison Whytecross

Allison joined the Childosophy™ Wellbeing Practitioner team in 2014. 

Based in Geelong, she has been a Primary Teacher for more than 25 years and now specialises in the Performing Arts with children ages 5-13. She is also a mother of two dynamic girls and a houseful of furry friends.


Her colourful, intuitive nature has developed as a result of ongoing commitment to personal growth and wonderful spiritual practices that she encountered. Allison is a Visual and Performing artist.  She also reads Tarot and Runes and is keen advocate of Reiki & Crystal healing, Daily Meditation, Reflexology plus Colour and Sound Therapy.


The Childosophy™ Technique allows Allison to help both children and adults discover and set free any ‘blockages’ they may have. Our bodies can tell us what is holding us back and Cosmos Child is the key to unlock them and rebalance.


Allison has a certain magic that allows children and adult truth seekers to open and connect with her.  She encourages all to be true to themselves and aim to be the best they can be. Every being has their own personal flair and with guidance and encouragement, it can be unleashed and joyfully shared in the universe. You or your child will no longer need to feel like something is ‘not right’ or something is ‘holding you back.’


You can live in a state of love and joy.

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Phone: 0418662761

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