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with a Certified Practitioner

Childosophy™ is a child centred modality facilitated by children’s wellbeing practitioners who have trained with Dr Maxine Therese.  

Childosophy™ sees the child as whole and uses Dr Therese's ground breaking work into a new needs model for children called The Foundational Needs Model or our Rainbow of Needs. This model accounts for the person’s wholeness at each age and stage and in accord with each individual’s needs no matter what his or her diagnosis. 

A treatment session with a practitioner supports children and adults to understand the reason beneath the child's behaviours.     A treatment is always so insightful and helps both child and adults to understand what they need and offers a variety of ways to meet these needs.

Childosophy™ places a strong emphasis on children's feeling nature and emotions and offers a direct way of entering a conversation about what is really going on for the child when they experience any imbalance to wellbeing.  

Childosophy™ Practitioners listed here come highly recommended and have all been trained directly by Dr Maxine Therese. 

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