Christine McGregor

Christine has always loved being with children especially since becoming a parent of two young children.  Her children have been her greatest teachers about unconditional love and life, in particular reminding her that it is important to truly love and nurture yourself before being able to effectively support others on their life journey.  


Everything is made up of energy including our thoughts, feelings and emotions. Christine believes that our bodies have an amazing innate inner wisdom especially for healing, which needs to be continuously nurtured.  Everyone has the power to heal themselves by listening to their body and using their intuition and feelings to guide them, as well as through gratitude, meditation and being mindful of our thoughts, actions and what we eat. 


Christine has undertaken formal studies of various modalities including feng shui as well as continually researching and studying through books and online short courses about gentle and positve parenting techniques and energy medicine.


Christine lives in the south-east of Melbourne.


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