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Claire Sowden

Claire is passionate about the wellbeing of children and their families. She loves supporting them holistically to reconnect and help them grow together. Claire has over 20 years’ experience within the children’s sector working therapeutically, supporting vulnerable young people and there families.

In addition to this Claire has the life experience of being a mother to 3 girls, 22, 19 and 10.

Claire has spent many of these years offering children of all ages and their families gentle guidance to assist them to move through any blocks they may be facing, to help bring awareness to what is going on or that they may be experiencing.  

Claire believes Childosophy™ is an amazing tool as it allows children and adults to access their own inner knowing and wisdom to open and have a shift in energy to self heal.

 Having trained and certified with Dr Maxine Therese in Suffolk Claire is both  Childosophy™, and a Pure Wonder Teacher. She is excited and keen to be offering both in practice at Suffolk Yoga and monthly by appointment in Essex.

Contact Claire

Phone| 07515 568404


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