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Justine Schnellbeck

Justine comes from a background of Performing Arts having worked as an Actress/Singer/Dancer in Professional Music Theatre, Theatre, Film & TV for over 25 years. 


She graduated with a Bachelor of Performing Arts- Musical Theatre from Ballarat Academy of Performing Arts; and then early on in her performance career she recognised the need for specific mental/emotional/physical support tailored for Professional Performing Artists in the Industry. This lead to her returning to study part time whilst touring to complete her Graduate Diploma of Counselling for Elite Artists & Athletes through VUT&The Australian Institute of Sport. 


In between Professional PerformanceTouring she worked as an Aromatherapy & Natural Wellbeing Manager, Consultant and Educator/Trainer for In Essence & Oil Garden Aromatherapy, and also as a Performing Arts Teacher and Coach/Counsellor. 


In 2011 she started her Masters of Wellness through RMIT, focussing on Wellness for Performing Artists, and later broadening her study to look at Wellness for Mothers & Children also. 


In 2011 her creative journey took a turn in a new direction with the birth of her daughter Aria. After becoming a Mother Justine felt so deeply transformed and was filled with such gratitude for the profound growth and simultaneous challenges that parenting brought, she turned much of her focus toward trying to absorb and understand everything that she knew her child was trying to help her to learn. This gave birth to a new yearning to more deeply understand the ultimate creative journey we are all on as human beings and what helps or hinders this journey from pre-conception through to adulthood. 


Justine has been fortunate since 2011 to work with some of the best practitioners in Australia to help her understand the influences and subtleties of this life journey, and how to make positive changes to enhance quality of life. She is passionate about learning how to best support herself and her family to clear obstacles and live in a space of true choice and freedom through deeper self awareness, holistic nutrition, physical health, emotional awareness, self responsibility and mental clarity. 


With the birth of her son Raphy in 2015, she experienced first hand the direct impact and profound quality of life changes that occur when we slow down, turn inward and really decide to make changes for ourselves and our children. We can completely re-write the story of our lives. Justine knew that most of the direction for those changes came from her children and what they were demonstrating they needed. She knew her children were showing her directly through their ailments and behaviour what was limiting their ability to flourish easily and therefore what had most likely also held her and her partner back in their journey, and she began to passionately research the concept of ‘Conscious Parenting’ and how we can consciously shift the path we and our children are on. 


In 2018 Justine discovered Maxine’s Childosophy work which so perfectly brings together the best aspects of Conscious Parenting, Emotional/Behavioural/Physical and Mental Awareness as well as the much needed Scientific Research & Understanding of the Parent/Child journey - all the things that Justine had been passionately studying. 


She loves how Maxine’s work unites so many Thinking/Feeling/Acting aspects in an easy to understand format that can empower and help the child directly, thus helping the parents to heal their own inner child. 


Justine completed her ‘Childosophy Flow Child Yoga Training’ in 2018, recently completed her ‘Childosophy Practitioner Training’ in 2019, completed the ’10-Week Being in the Wonder of Parenting Course’ in May 2019, and is about to undergo the new ‘Childosophy Pure Wonder’ training this month. 


Justine is looking forward to using all her skills from the various fields she has worked in to best support today’s children (and parents) taking ‘creative awareness and choice’ over the story they write for their lives through emotional, mental and physical awareness, which inevitably leads to a more holistic, integrated and peaceful way of living. 


Justine will be commencing Naturopathic studies later this year so that she is able to also bring the science of Nutrition & Naturopathy to her clients, having experienced first hand how integral this is to supporting the child’s and the parents wholeness, wellbeing and ability to make the deeper changes many are searching for these days. 


Justine also works part time as a Performing Arts - Music Theatre/Theatre Director, Voice/Acting/Movement Teacher and Coach/Mentor.

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