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Danneal Jez

Danneal has been drawn to working with children in some manner throughout her life and became an Early Childhood teacher before she started her family.  She now has three children and when her youngest began school Danneal began the journey of discovering who she was outside of her role as a mother and wife. 

Along this spiritual journey she was introduced to Childosophy™ and was immediately hooked.  The Childosophy™ system has enabled her and her children to reconnect and guide their body, mind and spirit to work in unison. Danneal loves that it has allowed them to become more in tune with their emotions, supports them to know they can heal and helps them to decide where to next. This tool has been especially useful with her daughter whom has Angelman Syndrome as she is non-verbal. 

Danneal is passionate about using the Childosophy™ system to guide adults and children to connect with themselves and their innate wisdom. 

Consultations are available in person for those around Perth or Skype sessions for those further away.

Contact Danneal Jez 

Phone: 0407 470 581


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