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Danni Kelly

Hi, I’m Danni. I live on the Sunshine Coast with my husband Ben and our 3 children; Summer, Steele and Luna. 

I have personally used the Childosophy™ System to assist me in creating a life I once only dreamed about. And now, my passion is in helping others to do the same. 

I work with children of all ages and their parents to provide gentle guidance for each individual to move through any blocks they may be facing or to bring awareness to what is going on under any ‘symptom’ they may be experiencing.  
The Childosophy™ System really is a phenomenal tool that can help you and your family to thrive and I am blessed to be a practitioner of such an exciting movement forward, in regards to the way we raise our children. 

‘When the whole family is thriving, anything is possible’ 

Danni takes treatments in her home on the Sunshine Coast or via Skype.​

Contact Danni Kelly

Phone: +61 401 751 699 


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