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Georgia Orr

Georgia brings a balanced energy to support and celebrate the authenticity and unique needs of every child. She trusts and is guided by her own intuition, which supports her to meet the child where they are. Georgia creates a safe space for the child and family to heal together.


Her journey to support children and families began volunteering as a child at Riding for Disabled Association (RDA). Alongside her mum, she too sought a soul path of service. At 18, her soul felt home whilst immersed in the Eastern culture of Nepal. 


She graduated from La Trobe University with a Bachelor of Health Science and Master of Occupational Therapy Practice. Placement at C.H.U.M (Children and Horses United in Movement) in Michigan, USA consolidated a career in paediatrics, as Georgia witnessed the impact of spirituality on children’s development. 


During this time ‘Yoga found Georgia’. Personal practice enabled alignment of body, mind, breath and spirit and she continues daily practice for her own self-regulation and healing. With a growing curiosity of yoga philosophy Georgia completed her Yoga Teacher Training. She took interest in teaching children, in particular with Autism (ASD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Georgia gained experience working as an Occupational Therapist within a private paediatric practice. Integrating yoga profoundly changed her ability to co- regulate with the child, supporting their development. 


Georgia took a short break to adventure overseas. Time spent in nature, with like minded souls, supported her spiritual growth as she aligned with Childosophy, completing her Child Wellbeing Practitioner training. With a heart full of love and a soul full of wonder she returned to Australia founding Sukha Therapy; a holistic wellbeing service for children and families providing Yoga, Pilates and Childosophy. Georgia is excited to work within Childosophy’s Functional Needs Model (FNM) to promote the child’s participation, performance and independence in life skills, relationships and meaningful activities.
Sunbury, VIC
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