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Kalpana Kamat

Kalpana's journey and curiosity about the soul started at an early age. As a child she felt she carried inner guidance but wasn't sure what it meant and where it came from. She maintained an interest in eastern (particularly Indian) philosophies, at the same time pursuing study and a career in software engineering. 


After having her first child, Kalpana took extra time off work to complete her Diploma of Yoga Teaching - a course she took to further enhance her enjoyment of yoga in particular the poses. She felt rejuvenated after a yoga class. What started off as a physical journey turned into quiet an spiritual one. She found all her answers in the Yogic philosophy. From there Kalpana left her corporate career to set up her own yoga business (Sankalpa Mind Body and Soul) focusing on teaching this philosophy. 


 Kalpana's business has it's own podcast, over 4000 students on udemy and has published a book - yoga philosophy for the rest of us. Kalpana also runs Sankalpa Kids - an initiative promoting yoga and meditation to children of all ages.


Soon after the birth of her second child, Kalpana presented at the Mind Body and Spirit festivals in Melbourne and Sydney. It was there that Kalpana was first introduced to Childosophy. This was fate. A fate she is very grateful for. Kalpana is extremely passionate about being a Childosophy Wellbeing Practitioner, as well as a Pure Wonder teacher.


A passion that she attributes to her two beautiful soulful kids. They are her guiding light who have bought her to this path and connected her to her life purpose! 


Kalpana is currently studying to be a counsellor. Wanting to focus on children's wellbeing - childosophy is the perfect part of the puzzle. Childosophy brings awareness to the imbalances within us relating to a particular issue. Guiding the client to tap into further insight has resulted in tremendous outcomes. This process has been beneficial for kids and adults alike, including parents who have experienced many shifts as a result.




Phone: +61 403 561 922

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