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Karlene Pass

Karlene has practiced as a Remedial Therapist for over 20 years. She has trained in Energy Healing techniques, Mindfulness, Meditation, Auralight Colour Therapy, Intuitive Soul Readings Inspired EFT Tapping, the Virtues Project & Spiritual Companioning. 


Karlene believes her soul purpose is to encourage  people to find their divinity within, to support their innate healing & live a life filled with happiness.


The Childosophy™ model supports this process beautifully for both children & adults by bringing the body, mind & soul into alignment. The model supports the clients intuition & inner knowing. Karlene noticed amazing shifts in her clients after Childosophy™ sessions which created profound changes in their lives, growth, awareness & health.


Karlene feels blessed to offer Childosophy™ as sessions in person & online.


Karlene's favourite role is Mum to 3 amazing kids."

Contact Karlene

Phone: 0434 145 397 


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