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Kathy Smith

Kathy has spent the majority of her life surrounded by children. Children have always been drawn to her open, gentle, curious, and playful nature.  She studied education and psychology at University in NZ and went on to work as a Preschool teacher for 10 years before having her own family of three vibrant, healthy, strong and sensitive boys. She homeschooled them for 5 years on her picturesque organic farm in Northern NSW.


Having experienced deep emotional trauma as a very young child, she discovered her souls purpose; as within that personal suffering she gained such a depth of spiritual awareness, loving kindness and compassion for others living through similar experiences.


She studied counselling, majoring in child development and effective parenting and is passionate about nurturing the emotional needs of children as this is something she did not receive as a young child. So she deeply knows that her  path is centred in creating a space where children feel deeply honoured, seen and heard. 


When she discovered Childosophy™, she was deep into her healing journey and was studying energy work and intuitive healing, along with yoga and mediation practices.  She was truly grateful when she came across this philosophy and has since healed so many of her old issues and that of her children and lots of friends, family and their children too. The gentle transformations that they have experienced has inspired her to centre her healing practice around this modality.


She believes that we are each a composite of societal conditioning and a unique creative spark of universal consciousness.

The goal of this healing is to peel back the layers of fragmentation which create these issues and projections we unconsciously project onto our children.

Once we heal the traumas, unconscious patterning or life times of karmic related experiences and situations, we will be left in a state of spacious receptivity and wholeness, and be better able to be the parents we aspire to be, and our children will remain deeply connected to Spirit and their divine essence.


Kathy is also an intuitive card reader, energy worker, child development and effective parenting counsellor and spiritual teacher, holding woman’s circles, workshops and mediation groups on her rural property near Nimbin in Northern NSW.

She is also available for consultations over Skype, FaceTime or Whatsap.

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