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Kirsty Seager

It was the birth of Kirsty’s son that led her to awaken to the world around her, questioning previous beliefs and looking deeper within.


Her highly sensitive, energetic, cheeky son taught her so much and helped her to develop a much greater understanding of children’s needs and how sensitive children can be to their environments which is how she was led to wanting to learn more through Childosophy™. Kirsty now has a daughter too who she is excited to be able to parent with her newly acquired knowledge. 


With over 10 years of experience working with children, she has supported many parents/carers to help them to understand children’s behaviour and to develop positive ways of relating to children. Becoming qualified with Childosophy™ has been a fantastic way of developing further and understanding children on a much deeper level.


She is sensitive herself and highly intuitive which she has learnt to embrace and enjoys spiritual learning and development.


Kirsty loves connecting with children and losing herself in the child’s world. Children often gravitate toward her and enjoy her kind, playful nature.

Contact Kirsty Seager

Phone: UK 07812 389291


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