Parenting - 'Being in Wonder'

  • ​Are you looking for ways to better connect with your children?

  • Do you struggle to understand and deal with your children's behaviours?

  • Are you seeing things in your child that remind you of your childhood and things you 'don't want to see.

  • Are you ready to grow together?

Join Maxine for a transformational online program where you will learn about the Foundational Needs of children based on Dr Maxine Therese's clinical practice and years of research.


7 week Intensive program:


You will gain a new understanding of why children express themselves the way they do, how your unmet needs are impacting your children and how you can connect and improve your relationships.

Classes are online and conducted by Dr Maxine Therese. Childosophy Children's Wellbeing Practitioner support staff are on hand so participants receive a rich parenting experience.





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