Pure Wonder Class - Tuesday

Pure Wonder Class - Tuesday


Tuesday Class Term 1

4.00pm on the 9th February - 23th March 2021.

Pure Wonder classes are a wonderful journey of self-discovery for children!


Children learn about their Rainbow of Needs as part of a 7-week mindfulness-movement-meditation process taught by accredited Pure Wonder teacher Annie. Tuesday Class Term 1 is conducted at 4.00pm on the 9th February - 23rd March 2021.


In the Pure Wonder class children have fun exploring their needs and their feelings, they get curious about the meaning of their feelings and begin identifying their emotions.


Pure Wonder classes are designed to support children's self-awareness and self-knowledge so children can stay connected and whole as they grow. 


When children learn about their needs and have space to integrate this wisdom, they naturally activate self-awareness which leads to enhanced physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.


Children learn to welcome the wonder that lives inside them and come to naturally self-regulate and self-soothe.


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