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The Pure Wonder Class is a guided self-discovery process conducted by a trained facilitator that empowers children to become self aware through a variety of activities that support unity of self and promote wellbeing. 

The Pure Wonder  - movement - mindfulness and meditation classes recognise children's wholeness as integrated souls - full of potential. 

 When children  begin to wonder about the language of their feelings [bodies and sensory messages], their thoughts [mind and thought patterns] and their actions in the world [behaviours and issues] they are able to navigate life situations with an inner ease and outer confidence.  This self knowledge establishes foundations for lifelong wellbeing. 


 The research of Dr Maxine Thérèse. and the practical approaches of her ChildosophyTM, demonstrate time and time again -- that  children are actually very aware of what they need.  They do however need support to get to know, to feel proud of, and to recognise the personal power that lies within them.  They also need adults who are aware of their own needs and are attuned to working with children to grow together to cultivate the needs we all share as part of humanity.

We are delighted to offer this program for children at our Pure Wonder locations and also as a Training so you can become a Pure Wonder Teacher.  All Pure Wonder Teachers are trained in the unique philosophy, theory and practical wisdom of Dr Maxine Thérèse.

Pure Wonder Term 3 begins 23rd July 2024

I would like to receive the course prospectus for the
Pure Wonder Teacher Training

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