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Simone Denmeade

As an experienced Montessori Teacher and now a Childosophy™ Practitioner, I have always been passionate about supporting children to reach their own unique potential! I began to explore alternative therapies when my own daughter struggled with severe depression and anxiety as a teenager and I was amazed to discover

what an incredible healing method Childosophy™ is!

Many different breakthroughs can occur in a treatment session including recognising and healing past traumas and breaking unhelpful family patterns. Most importantly, it is a method that recognises the innate wisdom inside us all and provides a healing environment in which both you and your child are able to connect and feel respected, heard and understood.

I am available for sessions after school hours in Jannali or alternatively over FaceTime or Whatsapp.

I look forward to working with you and your child!

Contact Simone Denmeade

Phone: +61 402 228 755 


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