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Separation Anxiety


I was given Maxine's number by a friend several months ago. It took me a while to make the phone call but I now think it was the best phone call I could have ever made for myself and my daughter. I have had trouble with my 5 yr old daughter from a young age with separation anxiety. Every time I have dropped her anywhere it has been a flood of tears. This has been something I have struggled to deal with through heartache of seeing my daughter so upset but also the frustration of having two other daughters who have all the confidence in the world. 


What was I doing differently?  I'd tried everything I thought I could have and listen to advice after advice from day care teachers and kindergarten teachers. We had just started prep orientation and I desperately wanted my daughter to be a happy confident child and enjoy this milestone. With 2 orientation days down and floods of tears and clinging to me we went and saw Maxine. Looking back the appointment and experience was amazing. Maxine was wonderful with her and my daughter still talks about how lovely Maxine is. 

However, it was the days that followed that amazed me. The following day was our final meet the teacher day. My daughter ran off played with her friends, not looking back at me once (something I haven't seen in 5 yr). She couldn't get me out of their quick enough. I left and my heart melted to see my daughter so comfortable in her environment. She continues to be like this today. 

I cannot recommend Maxine enough for opening our eyes to my daughters needs that we were too close to have seen and how these small changes has changed our lives and our family connection.





Thank you for your energetic reading of my son and your recommendations. Thanks also for confirming my intuitive feelings. I've lost count of the number of parenting theories and philosophies I've subscribed too, depending on what book I was reading at the time, but your approach feels the most aligned with my own feelings and beliefs. It feels like truth. Everything comes back to love. 



Phobia Of Dogs


I saw Maxine for my daughters fear of dogs. Visiting friends with dogs was always so difficult. After an appointment with Maxine, the next time we went to our life long friends house we saw a massive change. My daughter for the very first time without being prompted walked out to the back yard patted the dog and ran around the yard playing with her friends. Our friends were shocked and even asked what on earth had I done to stop this overwhelming fear she had.​





In just one conversation you helped me to identify the unmet need in my life that was keeping my child’s behaviour alive.  I witnessed nothing short of dynamic growth for my child – simply as you pointed out - by attending to my unmet need. Thank you so much Maxine”   






Dr. Maxine Therese started me on my journey to finding my purpose, trusting that I am a great mother & listening to my children’s needs as they are my biggest teacher.




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