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Become a Children’s Wellbeing Practitioner


ChildosophyTM Wellbeing Practitioners work with a complete holistic healing system and philosophy of wellbeing for children developed by Dr. Maxine Therese. 

ChildosophyTM  Practitioners are certified by Dr Maxine Therese and fully accredited with the International Institute of Complimentary Therapies (IICT).  Insurance is available to all practitioners who become certified.

We are interested in people who feel called to work with and advocate for children in ways that promote and secure their wellbeing.   Course enrolment is by application and applications are case by case with consideration open to parents with significant child related experience, teachers, psychologists and health practitioners.  


What our Certified Practititoners Say...

"I trained with Dr Maxine Therese online in 2015 to certify as a Children's Wellbeing Practitioner. I had been using the Childosophy system for my own growth and to with my own son to support my role as a parent. In April of last year I decided I would offer Childosophy treatments to others. Coming up to a year and the progress has been amazing. 

Maxine's book 'The Push for a Child Philosophy' has been launched which has valuable info for all parents and over the last few months I have been totally booked up with appointments. I completely love this way of working with children." 


- Kirtsy Seager.

ChildosophyTM Certified Practitioner, United Kingdom.  


Other Benefits of Learning ChildosophyTM.

“I learnt things I had no idea about in regard to children and the inner child and I believe I have become a much better person from this training.  I also have become a much better mother as a result of what I have learned, something I will always be grateful to Maxine for.


The ChildosophyTM system itself is really quite brilliant and I have had spectacular success myself in treating others.  I completely trust the system and I find it very easy to use.   In fact, I never cease to be amazed by what comes up for clients and myself (if I am using it on myself).”


~Lesley Thomas,

ChildosophyTM Certified Practitioner, Melbourne, Australia


Let the ChildosophyTM Wellbeing System show you how to:

  • Transform any blocks or issues in your own life, freeing you to realise your potential

  • Support parents and children to reach their potential by clearing issues and imbalances to wellbeing.

  • Utilise a research-based modality that is recognised and accredited

  • Make a difference in the lives of families


Support in establishing your business practice:


  • Practitioners are listed on the ChildosophyTM. website practitioner page (

  • Practitioners are supplied with a ChildosophyTM.  personalised advertising brochure in a pdf file and artwork for business cards so the unique branding is consistent and recognisable. 

  • Business mentoring as an additional option. 





Childosophy Children's Wellbeing Practitioner Training is Certified and Accredited and is conducted as an online or in person program.




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