Childosophy is a complete philosophy of the child, with parenting, therapeutic and educational programs and approaches based on the Foundational Needs Model (FNM) of Doctor Maxine Thérèse. Childosophy is a whole-child approach to Wellbeing. 

 "If we are to truly support children we have to listen to them, and learn that their behaviours are not problems to be solved but rather vital communication about what they need.  After becoming a mother I realised that there were many gaps in our adult understanding of children's needs and this set me on a journey that has spanned decades, working with children and families and formally researching children needs.  The Foundational Needs Model is based on principles of mind-body sciences, psychology and east west philosophies. It is a world's first Needs Model that accounts for the whole child from the very beginnings and incorporates the inherited patterns of development in children that are part of their family system." 


Dr Maxine Therese