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Founder of Childosophy Dr Maxine Thérèse 

For decades, my unwavering focus and deep passion have revolved around nurturing the boundless potential within children. It was through the journey of motherhood that I found myself drawn into this path more profoundly, as my own children became my sources of inspiration and unwavering support. Having raised two adult sons, they have fuelled my dedication to understanding and fostering the wellbeing of children.


From a tender age, I harboured an innate desire to become a Doctor of Children. Though I couldn't fully comprehend the intricacies of this aspiration or envision its precise form, I inherently recognized its immense significance. At the age of eight, the passing of my eldest sister indelibly shaped my perception of life, compelling me to embark on a quest to comprehend the essence of the human soul.


Years later, my childhood dream materialized as I completed my Ph.D. research on children's wellbeing, solidifying my position as a Doctor of Children. My doctoral studies introduced a ground-breaking theory that reimagined the child as an integrated entity encompassing body, mind, and spirit—a soul.  


In conjunction, I developed The Foundational Needs Model, a pioneering framework for children's wellbeing. My book, titled "The Push for a Child Philosophy: What Children Really Need You to Know," delves into the extensive research findings that underpin The Foundational Needs Model. This model forms the basis of the therapeutic system I meticulously crafted and implemented in my clinical practice.


Childosophy™ is the culmination of my extensive knowledge and expertise, combining the realms of energetic science and integrative philosophies of the self to support the holistic wellbeing and optimal growth of children. In addition to my clinical work, I devote my efforts to training practitioners, teachers, and parents in my child-centred methods for fostering wellbeing.

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