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Dr Maxine Thérèse 
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It has been my focus and passion for decades to nurture the greatest potential in children. Mothering set me on this path more directly, and I came to know myself more deeply through my own children. I have two adult sons who are my inspiration and greatest support.


Ever since I can remember I wanted to be a Doctor of Children...

I didn't know what that really meant or what it looked like, but I trusted that it was very important, because I felt it to be so...  

At 8 years of age my beliefs about life were sharply impacted by the death of my eldest sister and my childhood focus became trying to understand the soul.  My Ph.D. research into children's wellbeing saw my childhood dream come true and I became a Doctor of Children.   My doctoral research proposed a new theory of the child as a soul (integrated body, mind, spirit) and a new model for children's wellbeing, which I have called The Foundational Needs Model. My Book The Push for a Child Philosophy: What Children Really Need You to Know -- outlines my research findings of The Foundational Needs Model which is the basis for the therapeutic system I developed in my own clinical practice. Childosophy™ combines energetic science and integrative philosophies of the self to support wellbeing and potential growth in childhood. 


I train practitioners, teachers and parents in my child-centred wellbeing methods. I also support parents and children in clinical practice to understand their needs through common behaviours that are presenting.



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