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Where it began...

"When I became a Mother, I felt like I needed a handbook or at least some type of map to be equipped and ready for my role as a Mother.  Since then, I have worked with many parents and families who feel the same. "


Childosophy™ was born from my frustration at the lack of support for children who didn't fit within traditional, linear developmental frameworks, which led my push to find better ways to assist the development of children. 


After years of extensive research and clinical experience, I developed The Foundational Needs Model. The Model is the world's first affirmative growth model for children that accounts for the whole child - in body (sensory and biological processes), mind (mental, cognitive and brain approaches) and spirit (actions, behaviours and responses) at each age and stage. The Rainbow of Needs underpins all of our teachings here at Childosophy™

Now Childosophy™ is utilised by parents, teachers and practitioner facilitators who through this work are able to support children to understand why they act the way they do, based on a larger story of their unmet needs.  As a result, children are coming to know themselves and activate their own capacities in ways that have not been possible before.

I  love that in addition to seeing children and families in clinical practice, I  also support a team of certified Childosophy™ Wellbeing Practitioners and Pure Wonder™ Facilitators teaching a mindfulness-movement-meditation process for children.


Now that I am a mother of two adult sons – my dream of having a better map and model of children and their needs is my legacy to the next generation of parents and children.

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