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Join Dr Maxine Therese in self discovery and wonder as you learn a whole new way of communiationg with your children that opens them up to feeling understood like never before. 

Using the Childosophy Map of the SOUL - you will learn to explore your child's behaviours and challenges for the important message they are sending you as their parent about their best growth.  

Learn about the inherited patterns that your children are acting out and learn how to rebalance any issues that arise in your family.


The Pure Wonder - movement - mindfulness and meditation classes recognise children's wholeness as integrated souls - full of potential. 

We are delighted to offer this program so you can become a facilitator. 

All Pure Wonder Facilitators are trained in the unique philosophy, theory and practical wisdom of

Dr Maxine Thérèse.


Become a ChildosophyTM Wellbeing Practitioner and work with a complete holistic healing system and philosophy of wellbeing for children developed by Dr. Maxine Therese. ​​

We are interested in people who feel called to work with and advocate for children in ways that promote and secure their wellbeing.   Course enrolment is by application and applications are case by case with consideration open to parents with significant child related experience, teachers, psychologists and health practitioners.  

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