Maxine is delighted to have her book for sale with delivery in Australia. 

The book draws on the latest scientific research, philosophy, and psychology as well as Maxine's own clinical experience. 


This book promotes the child as a soul - unified in body, mind, and spirit. Articulated through the Foundational Needs Model, the complex interplay of the emotional, mental, psychological, spiritual and physical dimensions are revealed. Travel on a philosophical journey to consider children in a new way. Be supported as an adult to consider your own unmet needs from childhood and see how these same needs influence your relationship with children now. By supporting children to stay connected from the very beginning of life we are laying the foundations for lifelong wellbeing and for a brighter future for our children.



The book is divided into three parts. Part One, The Push for Unity, offers the philosophical and scientific support for the notion of the child as a soul. Maxine presents research that shows how the child purposefully brings forth the personal and collective past, so we all (adult and child) may review any imbalance or fragmentation in order to secure whole and unified growth. The second part of the book examines each of the seven Foundational Needs within Maxine's  Foundational Needs Model, showing the complex interplay of the body-mind-spirit composite. After each individual Foundational Need is considered in light of key themes and a case study, you will find tips as to how to encourage the cultivation of these needs. Part Three, Supporting the Soul, offers a way of being, or an approach to relating with children, called, Being in the Question. This approach outlines an affirmative relational skill for adults to use in their interaction with children. Supporting children to explore the questions they have is vital to their wellbeing, and keeps them connected, balanced and well.


Effectively, this book supports adults to know more about their own unmet needs in a purposeful way, and how they surface in their relationships with children. This book not only deepens your own self-awareness it supports you to encourage your child's own self-awareness at the same time.


The Push for a Child Philosophy - What Children really Need You to Know


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