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Jo consults with clients on Zoom
Instagram: @ abundantexistence_co

Jo Gower

I’m Jo, wife and mother to two active teenagers whose strong willed souls inspire me to be better and do better every day. They have gifted me the opportunity to re-visit and continue healing from my childhood and past. 


I first discovered Childosophy as a modality to help with ‘issues’ arising with my children and as a family unit, which helped us to work through blocks and symptoms. There is so much in the philosophy and Foundational Needs Model aspect of Childosophy that I love so much, it has enabled me to explore many aspects of my own life – present, past and even the future (as in how I am shaping that). This love for Maxine’s work further inspired me to learn how to become a Practitioner, so that I may also help others. 


I have a passion and background in Health & Fitness having worked as a Personal Trainer and as a Chiropractors Assistant in a Vitalistic practice. Both of these fields have helped me to appreciate and understand our Body-Mind but I felt there was something missing. With a natural curiosity to discover more about emotions and feelings and their impact on our body-mind it was a natural progression to study Childosophy, the last piece of the puzzle – Body-Mind-Spirit.


 I have completed Reiki 1 training and am currently studying ‘The Root Cause Practice Program’,where I am further diving deep into how in not dealing with our thoughts, emotions and feelings impact our health. I am fascinated how our body is always communicating with us and how we can find the message.


I love working with children and adults and offering insight into our children’s world and assisting parents and adults to discover the messages, their inner child and blocks through the Childosophy approach.


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