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I am so happy that you have found us.

Your journey of self-discovery as a parent allows you to be prepared and ready to support your children to understand their rainbow of needs, and how these are connected to their feelings,  thoughts, emotions and behaviours - in a way that was not available when you were growing.  Childosophy is about growing together with children.


Because this attunement of self and child at the same time can be a challenge to integrate our certified Childosophy Practitoners can support you:

  • to identify unmet needs in the child or in you and the family line that are emerging in the child's behaviours.

  • find the origins of children's behaviours for them and support rebalance.

  • encourage integrated and harmonious growth which clears the path for wonderful journey for the child and adult. 

When you  begin to notice the feelings and thoughts that arise in you, as you relate with your children - you become much better at responding to their needs rather than reacting to them.  By learning how to tend to your own unmet needs whilst supporting your children with theirs you are better equipped to grow together.

All of the Certified Childosophy Practitioners are trained directly with Childosophy Founder

Dr Maxine Therese and each one of them offers amazing insight to families and parents as you journey toward wholeness in your relationship with your children and with yourself. 

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