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Stephanie Gillies

Stephanie joined the Childosophy™ Wellbeing Practitioner team in 2017. Based in Leopold, she has been a Primary Teacher for 14 years and is also happily married and mother to 3 energetic and insightful boys.


Stephanie’s journey to becoming a certified Wellbeing practitioner began many years ago when she grew restless that she could not adequately identify and meet the unmet emotional needs of her own children and those in her care. She could see there were blocks to learning whose origin could not always be easily traced and cleared and sensed that there must be a way to help children stay integrated in mind, body and spirit.


Through training with Maxine in 2012, Stephanie began to practice with her own children and continued to research modalities that can release limiting behaviours and patterns of thinking. None came close to the gentle approach and holistic awareness and shifts that Childosophy™ offer both the child and the parent. 


In 2017, Stephanie knew the time had come for her to commit to becoming a Children’s Wellbeing  Practitioner so that many more children and adults can experience the transformations she has observed in her own self and her children through Childosophy™.


Children respond to Stephanie’s open-hearted nature and she is charmed by their straightforward honesty, laughter and innocence. Stephanie’s goal is for children to reconnect in mind, body and spirit, to reach their full potential. Childosophy™ allows her to fulfil an inner calling to improve the lives of children (and adults) everywhere.


Stephanie is available for Private consultation and over Skype for those that cannot attend in person.

Contact Stephanie Gillies 

Phone: 0438568049


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